Ultrasound Scan During Pregnancy


There are many myths and misconceptions about ultrasound scan in pregnancy. Total Pregnancy Care fully supports the use of ultrasound in pregnancy for screening and diagnostic purposes. Indeed, this is the best way of assessing our ‘hidden’ patient in pregnancy – the baby or fetus!

It is important that ultrasound scans are performed by well-trained operators (radiologists, obstetricians trained in ultrasound and sonographers) and they use modern equipment. With the advent of ultrasound, the science of ‘fetal medicine’ has evolved to an amazing extent with new horizons and frontiers.

However, some common confusions and confounding questions persist, not only in the general domain but also sometimes among doctors! Here they are…

FAQs for the First Trimester

FAQs for the Second Trimester

FAQs for the Third Trimester

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