Three Trimesters


What are the three “trimesters” of pregnancy?

The three trimesters refer to the three-month divisions of the whole pregnancy period. Certain investigations and check-ups have to be done at specific times during the pregnancy and the trimesters help us to identify these timelines.

First trimester: 1-14 weeks

Second trimester: 14-28 weeks

Third trimester: 28-40 weeks

What is the significance of the “trimesters”?

The first trimester is the period when the fetus is developing and pregnancy is getting established. Spontaneous miscarriages are most likely to happen in this trimester and hence, many parents prefer to cross this stage before announcing the pregnancy. It is also a time when you may feel tired, sleepy, nauseous and have vomiting. The First Trimester Screening for Down Syndrome is an important test at this stage.

The second trimester is the period when the baby is developing further and also growing. You will begin to feel your baby’ movements and hence this is the “good” period of your pregnancy. Your baby bump is growing and the pregnancy glow is evident. The Fetal Anatomy or Anomaly Scan is an important scan at this stage.

The third trimester is the period of maximal growth of your baby. Your body also starts preparation for the labour and birth. You may have a 3D-4D scan and see your baby on the scan. You may experience some “aches and pains” during this phase as the weight of your baby puts pressure on your abdomen and pelvic areas. It may be difficult to sleep and find a comfortable position towards the end – but don’t despair, this will culminate in the birth of your baby and that is the most wonderful experience that you and your partner are waiting for ….