Schedule of Antenatal Visits


How many visits to the doctor should I have during pregnancy?

What are the various tests to be done to ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Most couples now visit their doctor once they are planning for a baby for Preconceptual Counselling / planning. This is important to ensure that you and your partner enter pregnancy in good health and can achieve a pregnancy when you are ready. Prenatal vitamins (folic acid) is very important to prevent birth defects.

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, you should see you doctor soon, especially if you haven’t had pre-pregnancy counseling or checks.

Generally, a specific schedule is recommended for antenatal or pregnancy checks. Regular and appropriate antenatal care is vital in order to ensure the safety and health of mother and baby.

Total Pregnancy Care advises the following Schedule for Antenatal Care for ‘low risk’ or ‘normal’ pregnancies. If there are any medical or obstetric problems / complications, then the schedule of care has to be modified accordingly.

For instance, if you are carrying twins, then, the care pattern will be different, because you will need to be seen more frequently.

Also, should any risk factor become apparent during the course of pregnancy, then the schedule may be altered by your doctor appropriately. For example, if you develop hypertension, additional tests will be ordered by the doctor to ensure safety for you and baby.