Reduced Fetal Movements


Reduced Fetal Movements

What are normal fetal movements?

Most women will be aware of their baby’s movements by 22-24 weeks of pregnancy. Initially, they may seem like mere flutters, then, as the baby grows and gets stronger, the movements are more perceptible. As the pregnancy continues further, you may find that the baby settles into a routine that is normal for you. Usually, your baby will move after a meal or a hot drink. At around 26-32 weeks, the baby can make complete somersaults inside, so may be lying ‘head down’ (cephalic presentation) one day and ‘bottoms down’ (breech presentation) another day. This is normal.

Towards the end of the pregnancy the pattern of the movements may change. Instead of feeling kicks and strong movements, it may feel more like the baby is wriggling or shifting from one side to the other. This is completely normal as the baby is getting bigger and the baby’s head ‘fixes’ into the pelvis.

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