Can I Have a Successful Pregnancy After a Recurrent Miscarriage

Can I have a successful pregnancy after a recurrent miscarriage?

Many couples with recurrent miscarriage go on to have successful pregnancies.

Once a specific cause has been identified, the treatment for this condition should help for future pregnancies.

However, sometimes, your doctors will not be able to tell you for sure what will happen if you become pregnant again. However, even if they have not found a definite reason for your miscarriages, you still have a good chance (three out of four) of a healthy birth.

Sources and acknowledgements

This information is based on the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) guideline The Management of Recurrent Miscarriage (last revised in May 2003).

Consultation for Recurrent Miscarriage

If you have experienced two or more miscarriages, then you may wish to consult a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist before you try for another pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy counseling can be offered by Dr Shantala Vadeyar at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri, Mumbai.

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