Previous Pregnancy Problems

Pre Conception

If you have experienced certain problems in your previous pregnancy, it is but natural to be apprehensive about embarking on another pregnancy, or if you are already pregnant, to worry about how this one will progress. Fortunately, most problems do not happen again but indeed, some may have a higher risk of recurrence.

It is important to consult a Specialist in High risk pregnancy or Fetal medicine to discuss problems prior to conception, if possible. Few examples of problems that need such expert consultations are listed below.

Fetal problems:

  • Previous Down Syndrome baby / other chromosomal abnormality
  • Previous structural malformation / anomaly eg- cardiac defects
  • Previous severe growth restriction / IUGR (intra-uterine growth restriction)
  • Previous still birth or baby born in a poor condition
  • Unexplained neonatal death
  • Recurrent miscarriage

Maternal problems:

  • Severe hypertension / pr-eclampsia / eclampsia (fits)
  • Known medical problems – related to the kidneys / liver / etc
  • Previous major surgery which may impact on pregnancy (eg renal transplant)
  • Diabetes (either gestational or known to be diabetic)
  • Autoimmune conditions like SLE

If you have experienced any of these or other problems not listed above and wish to consult with Dr Shantala Vadeyar, Consultant in High Risk pregnancy, Feto-Maternal Medicine at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, you can contact her at “” or call at 022 30937295 (OPD at Kokilaben Hospital)