Can Using Birth Control Measures Affect My Fertility in The Future?

Can using birth control measures affect my fertility in the future?

Pre Conception

It is important to prevent pregnancy until you are ready for conception by using a method that doesn’t affect your future fertility.

All hormonal contraceptive methods works by inhibiting the natural fertility cycle and it can take some time for fertility to return to normal after stopping the contraception.

The body usually recovers quite quickly from use of the combined oral contraceptive pill, progestogen-only pill, implants and the intrauterine device.

However, if you have been having progestogen injections, it can take between six and 18 months for ovulation to return to normal.

For IUCD users, removal of the IUCD is needed and this can restore fertility immediately.

Barrier contraceptives do not affect the fertility at all, hence, fertility is normal when you stop using the barriers.

Long term Contraception

Female sterilization (tubal ligation) and male sterilization (vasectomy) are methods of permanent contraception.

These methods need to be performed surgically (by operation) and also can be reversed by another surgery / operation. However, the success following reversal is not 100% and hence, these methods should not be considered unless you are absolutely certain that you have completed your family.

Also, since the advent of modern, reversible contraceptive methods, these operations are not so popular among couples.