Problems During Breastfeeding


Sore nipples? Cracked nipples? Mastitis? Breast abscess?

There are many such breastfeeding problems women may experience when they first start breastfeeding. Breastfeeding an infant presents many unusual challenges during the first few weeks of life. It is useful to be aware of these problems so that at least some may be avoided with proper information and breastfeeding techniques.

Breastfeeding an infant takes time and patience. Fortunately most moms and babies go on to enjoy a long, healthy and joyous breastfeeding relationship after they solve the most common breastfeeding problems. However, for some, the problems experienced may cause them to stop breastfeeding. Hence, it is important to consult a good lactation specialist if you are experiencing problems before they get too serious.

Total Pregnancy Care gives you some basic information and tips on how to handle common breastfeeding problems.

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