Postnatal Check


When should I have my postnatal check?

You will need to see your doctor in 7-14 days after you have been discharged from the hospital. If you have had a vaginal birth, your stitches (episiotomy) will be checked. If you have had a Cesarean birth, your abdominal stitches will be checked. If you are experiencing any problems with breastfeeding or excessive bleeding vaginally, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Six to eight weeks after the birth, you will have another postnatal check. Your doctor will check you to make sure you’re feeling all right physically and your body is returning to normal after the birth. Your doctor will ask you if you have any discharge, check to see if your stitches or tears are healing well, take your blood pressure, and make sure your uterus has returned to its normal size. If you’re due a smear (Pap) test, one will be arranged for you. This is a good opportunity to talk about any problems you have had during your pregnancy, labour and afterwards, and to get advice on contraception.