You are keen to breastfeed your baby because you know it is the best nutrition for him/her. Total pregnancy care gives you some handy tips regarding breastfeeding and some advice on how to tackle the common problems encountered during breastfeeding.

I want to breastfeed. When can I start?

Immediately after the birth, your breasts will start to produce colostrum – a thick, yellowish liquid, rich in nutrients and antibodies, which is perfect for your baby’s first food. Hence, the first feed should be given soon after birth and ‘on demand’ (whenever your baby wants it). As far as possible, give as much colostrum as possible to your baby as it will strengthen his/her immune system.

Post pregnancy, your proper milk supply will start to come in around day three or four- you won’t miss it, as you’ll notice your breasts getting swollen and tender). Once this happens, again continue to feed your baby on demand, usually every 2-3 hours. As the baby gets adjusted, you will form a pattern of feeding, changing (usually the baby will open his/her bowels after the feed) and sleep!

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