Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression


What are ‘Baby blues’?

You’re likely to feel a real mix of emotions in the days after the birth – joy at seeing your baby, relief you’re no longer pregnant and fear about how you’ll cope with motherhood. To add to the fun, your hormone levels, which were at an all-time high in pregnancy, suddenly crash. ‘Baby blues’, is a feeling of low mood that usually arrives at the same time as your breast milk and can make you feel miserable, anxious and tearful.

What are the causes of baby blues?

Who is more likely to suffer from “baby blues”?

There are many other factors that contribute to “baby blues” – difficult labour and childbirth, postnatal problems like painful episiotomy, severe anemia, breast-feeding problems, breast abscess, etc. These factors all contribute to a new mother getting tired, having lack of sleep, being in pain, unable to nurse her baby or other such events…

Most new mums usually find that they feel better within a short period of time, but if your low mood persists or worsens, make sure you talk about how you feel with your doctor, as this may be leading on to postpartum depression..