Mansi’s Diary

Month 9

September 13, 2010 was almost coming close to my due date October 08, 2010 the concerns then were                    1. Symptoms of Labour Labour can start with backache (a sign of the prelabour cervical ripening), contractions, a mucous plug discharge (show) or leaking of fluid vaginally (ruptured membranes). [ Read the full article… ]

Month 8

August 24, 2010 the learning’s were on Epidural Often, mums-to-be are scared of labour pains, but are also scared of the epidural!! Of course, not everyone needs an epidural – you may be one of the lucky ones, who have a good pain threshold and can achieve a normal delivery with no major pain relief [ Read the full article… ]

Month 7

July 13, 2010 I was 28 weeks pregnant, entering my third and final trimester! I was very excited and I wanted to know the answers to my queries… Exercises It is a good idea to start prenatal exercises by the 5-6th month. Simple normal to slightly brisk walking for 30 minutes is an excellent exercise. [ Read the full article… ]

Month 6

June 04, 2010, I was 24 weeks (six months!!) – I was feeling my baby kicking well now. I was more comfortable and enjoying my pregnancy, in general. At this monthly routine checkup I was worried about these aspects… Cramping in legs This is a very common complaint amongst pregnant mums-to-be. Increase your hydration and gently [ Read the full article… ]

Month 5

May 06, 2010 the 18 week anomaly scan, I was excited as I thought I had just started to feel my baby move….I was going to see the full scan of my baby too. I also wanted to know about Burning that I felt in my food and wind pipe Increased acidity or heartburn is very [ Read the full article… ]

Month 4

April 24, 2010 was the next appointment which was a routine check-up. At 15-16 weeks, I was feeling much better having crossed the first trimester. I had the following queries- Exercises to be done daily Walking for 20-30 minutes, slightly brisk, if possible. Pregnancy yoga with mild stretches. Cat and camel pose, pelvic tilt, vajrasana, [ Read the full article… ]

Month 3

March 27, 2010 was when I next met my doctor. I was 12-13 weeks pregnant and I had my Nuchal Translucency scan. I was so excited to see that the baby had grown so much, was jumping around and waving to me… This time again there was list of questions with me… Exercise Generally, walking for 20-30 [ Read the full article… ]

Month 2

Hi again… My next visit to the doctor was on February 27, 2010. I was 8 weeks pregnant and it was then I was shown the embryo and heard the heart beat of the baby inside me… I was on cloud 9… I was too excited to think of any questions to ask. But still [ Read the full article… ]

Month 1

My first appointment with the doctor was on February 06, 2010, when I was 6-7 weeks pregnant, and the list of questions were- What should I eat and what not, about my diet? Generally, eat a balanced, healthy diet. In early pregnancy, it is best to eat small, frequent meals to avoid the ‘acid’ build-up [ Read the full article… ]