What is VBAC

Labour Delivery

What is VBAC?

VBAC stands for ‘vaginal birth after caesarean’. It is the term used when a woman gives birth vaginally, having had a caesarean delivery in the past. Vaginal birth includes birth assisted by forceps or ventouse (see Ventouse and Forceps delivery section).

What is an elective repeat caesarean delivery?

An elective caesarean means a planned caesarean. The date is usually planned in advance at your hospital antenatal visit. The caesarean delivery usually happens in the seven days before your due date, unless there is a reason why you or your baby need an earlier delivery.

What are the advantages of a successful VBAC?

The advantages of a successful VBAC include:

  • a vaginal birth (which might include an assisted birth)
  • a greater chance of an uncomplicated normal birth in future pregnancies
  • a shorter recovery and a shorter stay in hospital
  • less abdominal pain after birth
  • not having surgery