Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section

Labour Delivery

You may have needed a Caesarean section for your first delivery and are pregnant or thinking of having another baby. If you need to know about your choices and options for the same, read on…

What are my choices for birth after a caesarean delivery?

A caesarean delivery is one in which a surgical operation where a cut is made in your abdomen and your baby is delivered through that cut. Many women have more than one caesarean delivery. Currently, the Caesarean section rate in many parts of Mumbai India is as high as 50-60 per cent.

If you have had one or more caesarean deliveries, you may be thinking about how to give birth next time. Whether you choose to have a vaginal birth or a caesarean delivery in a future pregnancy, either choice is safe with different risks and benefits. Overall, both are safe choices with only very small risks.

In considering your choices, your Obstetrician will ask you about your medical history and about your previous pregnancies.

The points to consider are :

  • the reason you had the caesarean delivery and what happened – was it an emergency?
  • the type of cut that was made in your uterus (womb) (lower or upper segment)
  • what was your experience at your previous birth. Do you have any concerns?
  • whether your current pregnancy has been straightforward or have there been any problems or complications (is it a high risk pregnancy)?

You and your Obstetrician will consider your chance of a successful vaginal birth, your personal wishes and future fertility plans when making a decision about vaginal birth or caesarean delivery.