Signs of Labour

Labour Delivery

As you approach the final few weeks of your pregnancy, you may be wondering what it is like to “go into labour”. With a little twinge of pain, you wonder…is this labour? So what are the signs of labour?

Totalpregnancycare guides you with recognizing when your body is giving you the signals for the start of the process that is the culmination of your pregnancy and will bring your bundle of joy into this world.

Signs of Labour

Mucous plug: This is often an event for first- timers. It is a few tablespoons of egg white looking mucous that is streaked with pinkish, brownish blood. It has been sitting in the cervix throughout the pregnancy, and “comes out” anywhere from hours to days before labor begins. It could be a plop into the toilet bowl or surprise in your panties. It is useful in that it is a sign that labor is brewing; that you have a matter of hours to a matter of days before labor begins. It is also known as a “blood show” or just a “show”. It may be accompanied by stronger tightening’s or contractions.

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