How to Choose Your Place of Delivery

Labour Delivery

How to choose your place of delivery?

Where would you like to deliver your baby? You have several options to choose from,and each one has pros and cons that need to be considered. Talk with your partner, family and doctor about your options.If you’re not sure which is best for you, take a careful look at each choice.

Ask for a tour, get to know what is offered at each site, and then make your choice. Possible sites include a hospital or a nursing home.

Traditional Nursing Homes / Hospitals

In most nursing homes or hospitals all deliveries are handled routinely in three or four different rooms or areas:

  • First you enter the labor room. Here, in a small hospital-type room or curtained-off area you proceed through early labour with your partner or some chosen family member (usually your mother).
  • After your cervix dilates to about 10 centimeters and the baby’s head becomes visible at the opening of the vagina, your bed is wheeled into the delivery room. Picture the operating room you’ve seen on TV shows. This is a small room with a bed surrounded by lots of lights and medical equipment. This is where you will give birth to your baby. Usually, the partner is not allowed into this room.
  • After delivery, you are wheeled into the recovery room. Here nurses monitor you for an hour or so to make sure that you have no need of immediate medical attention.
  • Finally, you are wheeled into the postpartum room for recuperation. This room (which might be private or shared with other women) is like any other hospital room. It has a bed, a night table, and a small bathroom with a shower.
  • If a Caesarean section is needed, then you may be taken into a separate Operation Theatre (OT) room or sometimes the Delivery Room also doubles up as the OT in smaller nursing homes.

Many nursing homes and hospitals across the country are moving away from this kind of birth setting to a more relaxing one.

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