Caesarean Section

Labour Delivery

What is a Caesarean section birth?

Caesarean section is an operation that involves cutting through the abdomen and the uterus (womb) to deliver the baby. The incision is usually made in the lower part of the abdomen, just below the bikini line. Since it is very low and across, it is almost invisible once it heals.

What is an Elective Caesarean section?

When the caesarean delivery is planned before you go into labour, it is called an elective caesarean. It may be recommended in certain cases in which it is unsafe for you or your baby to have a vaginal delivery.

What is an Emergency Caesarean section?

This is required if complications develop and your baby needs to be delivered immediately. This may occur during labour or sometimes, before labour.

What is a Classical Caesarean section?

In the normal Caesarean section, (also known as lower segment Caesarean section) the cut on the uterus is made in the lower part and across. When the cut on the uterus to deliver the baby is made in the upper part and in the midline, it is termed a Classical section. This type of section is performed when the lower part of the uterus is not well formed (preterm deliveries) or when the lower part is not easily accessible (fibroids, placenta previa), etc.

It is of utmost importance for you to know whether you have had a Classical or Lower segment caesarean section. This is because, whilst you can try for a normal delivery after having had one lower segment caesarean birth, you must always have a Caesarean birth after a classical section. This is because the lower segment heals better than the classical type of section, hence the risks of rupture of the scar are much higher in a Classical section.