Low Placenta

Risks of Placenta Previa

What are the risks of placenta praevia?

Placenta previa can cause vaginal bleeding, early separation of the placenta and reduced growth in the baby. All these complications may lead to preterm delivery with all its associated complications.

The main concern with the bleeding seen with placenta previa is that the bleeding is unpredictable and can be very severe. This can lead to a considerable blood loss within a very short time, resulting in shock. This can be life-threatening to mother and baby if rapid access to medical facilities is not available.

What if I have placenta praevia at the end of pregnancy?

If you have placenta previa at the end of pregnancy, you may be advised to rest in bed and avoid lifting weights, having sex or heavy activity of any kind.

Since the bleeding of placenta previa is sudden and without warning, you may be admitted to the hospital during the final few weeks prior to delivery, particularly if you have had any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.