Case In Focus

Thrombocytopenia (Low platelets) in pregnancy

Mrs PR, a 32 year old lady in her first pregnancy came to consult me at 8 weeks of pregnancy with an extremely low platelet count. Both she and her husband has been by their doctors warned that this was a very dangerous situation and hence, they were anxious when they first saw me. She [ Read the full article… ]

Alzheimer’s Disease

Most of us dread getting old. Old age, in our minds, is synonymous with frailty, loss of control, and dependence on others. All this is considered part of growing old. Normal. Yet, often, we here of someone we know suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and these words fill us with dread and despair? What is Alzheimer’s [ Read the full article… ]

Case in Focus – Fibroids in Pregnancy

Mrs NP is a 29 year old IT professional in her first pregnancy. She came to me in the  first trimester with pain in abdomen in early pregnancy. An ultrasound scan showed her to have a large 15 cm fibroid in the lower part of her uterus. This was the cause of pain and it [ Read the full article… ]

Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer

A 31 year old woman, Mrs AP, noticed a breast lump in her right breast. She was 20  weeks into her first pregnancy. She brought it to the attention of her OB-Gyn doctor,  who immediately referred her to the Breast oncosurgeon at a tertiary care hospital. A  core biopsy of the breast lump confirmed cancer [ Read the full article… ]

Rubella (German Measles) In Pregnancy

Mrs W S came to me in the 6th week of her first pregnancy for antenatal consultation. She was very anxious because she had been told to terminate the pregnancy by another gynaecologist. She was very keen to continue the pregnancy and hence, came for a second opinion. The pregnancy termination was advised because she had developed a [ Read the full article… ]

Chronic Renal Failure and Pregnancy

A 30 yr old lady, HU, consulted me at 19 weeks into her first pregnancy. She had no specific past history, but routine tests during this pregnancy showed her to have serious renal (kidney) problems. Her serum creatinine levels of 3.8 mg/dL (normal creatinine levels in pregnancy are less than 1 mg/dL) and ultrasonography showing [ Read the full article… ]


Mrs AD, a beautiful 30 year old lady came to me when she was just 5 weeks into her first pregnancy. She consulted me early because her blood pressure (BP) was high (140/90) and she had a strong family history of high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. She was on an anti-hypertensive medication. She was quite [ Read the full article… ]